Northway Church is working in partnership with Headington Baptist Church, a nearby church with a similar vision to our own.

The partnership takes many forms, with members of each church helping with ministry in the other, and joint activities like Ice Cream Sundae.  Headington Baptist Church is much larger than Northway Church, and as a result we are particularly grateful for help received from the members there.

We met together on Sunday 18th October 2009, and affirmed our partnership using these words:

We have gathered here today 
as brothers and sisters in Christ 
from Northway Evangelical Church 
and Headington Baptist Church 
to affirm our commitment to each other. 

We believe that the kingdom of God is advanced
when Christians act in unity,
and work together
in the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
And we believe that the world
recognizes us as disciples of Jesus Christ
when it sees that we love each other.

In mutual respect we acknowledge 
that God has his good purpose for both churches.

Our commitment before God
is to do our part
to cause both churches to flourish,
as God gives us gifts of time,
talent and resources
to offer.

Our partnership with Headington Baptist Church has resulted in us running an evening service (in addition to the morning service) at 5pm. This is designed for seekers and believers alike and will include a shared meal following the service.