Belonging to each other in the church community
We express this by:
  • Serving the overall ministry of the church
  • Discovering our individual gifts and talents
  • Using our gifts to help others
  • Developing a servant heart
  • Protecting the unity of the church
  • Acting in love towards other members
  • Refusing to gossip
  • Recognising and supporting church leaders
Celebrating communion is one of the ways we express our faith in Christ, and all who believe in him are welcome to take part. During this part of the service bread and wine, symbols of the body and blood of Jesus, are passed around from one person to another.
In the act of eating bread and drinking wine we are acknowledging the reality and our personal acceptance of Jesus’ death and resurrection and looking forward to his second coming. We are also declaring our shared commitment to following him within the Church, the Body of Christ. Taking part in communion is, therefore, a symbol of our ongoing relationship with Christ, and with one another.