Believing in God 
through Jesus Christ
We express this in: 
  • Sunday worship, with prayer, music, Bible teaching and communion
  • midweek meetings, to grow in faith and deepen friendship
  • baptism as a sign of personal faith and obedience
  • commitment to the church fellowship
Our faith is in Jesus Christ, following the mainstream of Christian thought. One way to sum up the things we believe is thebasis of faith of the Evangelical Alliance
We are committed to explaining the Christian message in relevant ways, learning from the Bible as the only reliable guide to what is true about God and his purposes for us, led by the Holy Spirit.

We are an independent church, but have good links with other churches in the city. The church belongs to the Evangelical Alliance, a national body linking over one million Christians from many denominations.

We are also members of Partnership, a smaller group linking independent evangelical churches.